Our Values

 Our people can count on us being innovative, inspiring, caring and respectful. Our values are proudly listed below.

  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Personal Growth
  • Innovation
  • Fun, Laughter & Celebration


Winnam dancingWe build sustaining relationships and mutual support amongst our clients, staff and Board of Directors and work to develop a self-sufficient community of ATSI people.


We have an ongoing commitment to ATSI people and the communities they live in, we are true to our principles and values and we honour our words and actions.

Personal Growth

We nurture self-awareness and cultural identity through continual learning, development of new skills, and a feeling of sense of achievement of taking action.


We aim to create positive change and improvement in what we do.

Fun, Laughter & Celebration

We celebrate our culture and believe enjoyment and laughter is the basis for growth and learning.

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